F · A · Q

What is Harbor Play ?

Harbor Play is a leader of indoor playgrounds center.

Where is Harbor Play located and what’s inside each location ?

Harbor Play has 3 locations (by the end of May 2017)

Harbor Pattaya includes Harbor Land, Jump XL, Deep Climbing Gym, Roller Land, Laser Battle, and Snow Land.

Tukcom Chonburi includes Harbor Land and Roller Land.

Tukcom Udon Thani includes Harbor Land and Roller Land (soon).

How much do they cost ?

You can check out the recent ticket price by the link below
Click –> thaitripticket.com

Do you have all-in-one ticket that I can play all attractions ?

At this moment, we don’t have that kind of ticket yet.  But soon !!

Can I bring our own drink and food inside the playground ?

Each playground has a food and beverages service counter for your convenience, so no outside food and drinks are allowed in.

Can I use the regular sport sock in your playground ?

There are only 2 playgrounds that we strictly need you to wear anti-slip sock; Harbor Land and Jump XL.