HAPPY 2 BUFFET+ 390.- 😍 Fulfill your kid with unlimited fun for both HarborLand and RollerLand.  NOT YET!!! You will also get 50% discount for a parent ticket.

HAPPY 2 BUFFET+ 390.- is available at
📍 HarborLand TUKCOM Sriracha
📍 HarborLand TUKCOM Chonburi
📍 HarborLand TUKCOM Landmark Udonthani

Buy the ticket at HarborLand counter and online store at Thai Trip Ticket click https://goo.gl/BohLgL
From now to December 31, 2018.

1. 50% Discount must be applied with HAPPY 2 BUFFET+ ticket only.
2. For online ticket, the 50% discount will be presented the same day as you check in with HAPPY 2 BUFFET+.
3. This price will not include rental equipment fee and socks (if necessary) each zone.