HarborLand is a children indoor playground developed from a concept of the Western world whose climate in most parts is not conducive for children to exercise outdoors, especially during winter. In Thailand, where the weather is getting even hotter these days, the heat of the hot season is increasingly hard to bear, and in the rainy season, well, it sure rains a lot, not to mention the thunder and flashes of lightning, which are so many obstacles when children want to play. Even in the cold season, which isn’t really that cold, the sunrays can still be harmful to the skin. So, the concept of an indoor playground is perfectly suitable for the weather conditions in Thailand.

HarborLand stresses children’s safety as basic. This means that the various projects must be easy to clean to avoid problems with children’s health, and most important, all the plays and toys must be designed to make the children capable of developing themselves in every way, including mentally.

HarborLand now has three branches. The Harbor Pattaya branch has the widest playground in Asia, is crammed packed with a great variety of toys, and has zones to reinforce skills, such as the artistic zone, the rope course, and the dark room, which reproduces the training of firemen when they must get into a dark place and find a way out to safety.


Children indoor playgrounds are beginning to multiply in Thailand but the differences between them cannot be assessed by simply looking at them from the outside. To find out, they must be experienced from within through observation and practice. HarborLand is one of the few indoor playgrounds that actively support having parents playing along with their children, because all the toys have been made in various countries in Europe according to European Union safety standards and have been installed by teams of more than 30 professionals flown in for this purpose, so that HarborLand’s plays are strong, durable and devoid of sharp angles or joints that might make their handling dangerous.


Last but not least, cleanliness: all branches of HarborLand practice thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny, be it sliders, pathways or even the thousands small balls cleaned with antiseptic liquid every day so that all visitors can be assured of proper sanitation.   

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